We've got it wrapped with our advice and tips

When packing plates/saucers into boxes, pack them vertically using three to four sheets of wrapping paper. This will ensure that they are located in their strongest position. Cups / glasses / teapots are all to be packed upright and not on their sides.

Should be packed without any weight on the spines. If they are not going to have much weight on top of the boxes, they can be packed with the spines uppermost. Otherwise, they should be packed alternately, i.e. spine to the left, spine to the right and so on. The boxes should be very sturdy.

Are very easy as they can be packed flat into large boxes, or left in drawers, together with any unbreakable effects.

Keys and Fixings
All keys to cabinets, or screws to beds/wardrobes, etc., to be placed into one small box and kept safe by yourself as they are the type of things that can easily go missing.

Smaller pictures can be packed standing upright in the boxes with wrapping paper tightly wrapped around them. Large pictures and mirrors can be packed by using the box as a sleeve in its flat packed form.

Lamp shades can get damaged or crushed very easily. The best way to prevent this is to pack them into solid pieces of furniture such as a trunk, ottoman or even the bottom of a Welsh dresser. Alternatively, they should be placed separately in individual boxes.